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Canned Abalone: Improving The Taste and Texture

Canned Abalone: Improving The Taste and Texture
Canned Abalone: Improving The Taste and Texture

Canned Abalone: Improving The Taste and Texture

May 06, 2020

The abalone is regarded by the Chinese as one of the most well-loved ocean treasures. The Chinese name for abalone 鲍鱼 (bao yu) bears the literal meaning of definite abundance. Chinese people give each other gifts of abalone during the festive season to wish each other abundance of wealth in the coming year. Besides its meaningful and auspicious name, the abalone's unique texture and taste is also one of the reasons why the Chinese are willing to part with their money to indulge themselves in this delicacy. In recent years, the market has seen a spike in the prices of abalone - one of the prized Mexico canned abalones can easily cost over S$100.

So the question is, how do you get the most out of any abalone without splurging hundreds of dollars?

Well, let's look at the preparation method. It's common practice to consume abalone just as it is after opening the can. There is absolutely nothing wrong eating abalone in this way - the abalone is already cooked (steamed) by the fishermen before it is sealed into the tin can. However, with just an extra step, your abalone can actually taste even better!

A little effort and time

What will you need? A can of abalone. A pot filled with water. And 4 hours of your time (it pays to be patient!).

1. Remove any paper wrapping around the can of abalone. Do not open the can of abalone.

2. Place the can of abalone into the pot of water, ensuring that the can is fully submerged.

3. Next, bring the pot of water to boil; once the water starts to boil, turn to small flame and let it simmer for 3 to 4 hours.

During the process, ensure that the water does not run dry and the tin can is always fully submerged, if not, top up with a sufficient amount of water.

4. Finally, turn off the flame and remove the tin can after it cools. Your abalone is now truly ready to be served.


The above preparation process will tenderise the abalone's meat and further enhance its flavour. So go ahead, make a comparison between the abalones and let us know if the time is well spent!


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