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About Us

The Journey of Lao Ban Niang

Geck Huat Trading was first set up by Mdm Tan Guan Geck in 1977. Before setting up her first shop, Mdm Tan starting as a street vendor selling South Asian Pickles also known 'achar'. With Singapore government's relocation plan, she was given a shop to set up her store at Albert Centre.

The Meaning Behind Lao Ban Niang

Lao Ban Niang is translated to 'lady boss' in English. In the past and even up till today, majority of the older aged customers would usually enter the store and look for 'Lao Ban Niang' also known as Mdm Yeo, the lady boss. In the process of rebranding, Mr Kou wanted to create a name that was easy enough for the older customers to be able to pronounce thus, he decided on a name that the older customers were already familiar with - Lao Ban Niang, hoping that the brand brings familiarity and closeness to customers. 

Taking Over The Family Business: Mr Kou Liang Ang

As one of the elder sons among the family, Mr Kou Liang Ang was bestowed by the responsibility to take over the family business. Working hand in hand with his wife, Mdm Yeo Hoon Yee, the pair expanded the business and venture into their current trade, with the goal to provide quality products at affordable prices. Through decades of operating the business, the brand became an old favourite with loyal customers all around Singapore and even from Malaysia!

Facing Challenges

However, with changes in consumer's shopping behaviours and growing competition, Mr. Kou realized that the business needs to undergo a change to differentiate itself from others and thus the brand Lao Ban Niang was created in 2009!

Moving From A Family Business to Private Limited

In 1st Oct 2011, Geck Huat Trading officially registered as a private limited company, this strategic move will bring in investors into the business and further expand the business.

Mr. Kou's eldest son and second son, Benjamin and Jeremy joined Lao Ban Niang. Realizing that the current business model is unable to cater to the younger generation, they decided to move to e-commerce platforms like Qoo10, Shopee, Lazada etc. This move proved to be a right strategy, while sticking to the company's motto of quality products at affordable prices, they are able to capture new customers.

Repackaging Existing Products for Younger Generations

As time moves on, ideology and tradition became passé,  knowledge got lost passing down from generation to generation. As noticed by the two brothers, the younger generation does not have the know-how on how to do a proper confinement for mothers. So, they repackaged their confinement herbs into a standardized 30 days herbs packets with clear labels and instruction. With this product, customers are still able to have a proper confinement without having to pay a hefty sum for a confinement nanny!

Exhibition & fairs

What better way to reach out to our different customer bases than to going to trade fairs? Find us at baby fairs and look out for our confinement products (now held online because of Covid-19)! Or at health and food fairs to understand more about TCM!

30 years of experience

Lao Ban Niang has been in this trade for over 30 years and hence we have a wealth of experience and a group of trained personnel to give you the best products.

Keeping it low!

We constantly update ourselves with the current market trends for better and cheaper goods, allowing us to pass on the benefit to our valued customers. Having said that, we provide top-grade, quality products for different customers with different needs, keeping in mind that the price befits quality of the products we are selling.

About Us

About Us