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TCM Herbs

Cassia Seeds (Jue Ming Zi)

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Also known as: 决明子

Net Weight: 300g/500g
Country of Origin: China

Direction: Use to cook concoction and tea. 

Health Benefits:

Cassia seeds are used in traditional Chinese medicine to benefit vision, reduce hypertension, and relieve constipation. The seeds are used to relieve itchy, red eyes in a patient that is suffering from cold and flu symptoms. They are also used to treat red, painful eyes that are sensitive to light, excessively tearing up, and causing a headache.


Those with low blood pressure or diarrhoea should not take cassia seeds. Also, because it can contract the uterus, cassia seed should not be taken by young or pregnant women.

Do consult your physician before consuming any TCM, herbs or tonics.