Instant Powder

Instant Powder

Greenmax Walnut And Sesame Powder

  • $9.80

Also known as: 核桃黑芝麻糊

Net weight: 450g

Country of origin: Taiwan

Product Features:

  • Vegetarian

  • Good source of dietary fiber

  • Good source of calcium

  • Sweet taste

  • No artificial colorants

  • No artificial flavors added

  • No preservative


Black sesame, glucose, wheat flour, sugar, guar gum, yam, brown rice, walnut, ginkgo, lyceum fruit.


Add 20g-30g walnut and sesame powder into appropriate amount of hot boiling water (250~300cc approximately), mix and stir evenly, and it’s ready to serve; you can adjust the concentration ass you like according to personal preference.


Please store in dry and cool condition and protect it from direct sunlight or high temperature. After opening, please enjoy it ASAP to keep it fresh.