Biogreen Fine Sea Salt

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Also known as: 幼海盐

Weight: 400g

Country of Origin: France


Biogreen 84 Live Sea Salt is a hand-harvested sea salt from France. It is processed by drying the salt under the sun and wind with no additional heat. With no artificial preservatives or additives, it is a live salt containing 84 types of mineral and trace elements in sea water.

Biogreen 84 Live Sea Salt goes way beyond minerals and trace elements in which bio-electric energy and magnetism have been found in it. Its 84 types of minerals (includes magnesium content) and trace elements help to enhance body repair ability and discharge extra sodium from body through kidneys. Therefore, Biogreen 84 Live Sea Salt is distinguished from other table salt.

Ingredient: Natural Sea Salt

(Certified by France Nature & Progres)



Used for all types of dishes.