Dried Sundries and herbs

Dried Sundries and herbs

Monkey Head Mushrooms

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Also known as: Hericium Erinaceus, Lion's Mane Mushroom, 猴头菇

Net Weight: 100g/300g
Country of Origin: China

Direction:  Soak for 20minutes, add into any types of soup or to stir fry.

Health Benefits:

  1. Enhanced Memory and Brain Function

  2. Good for Diabetes

  3. Treats peptic or gastric ulcers

  4. Reduces fatigue

  5. Improves Cognitive Function

  6. Protects the liver

  7. Promotes digestion

  8. Lowers High Cholesterol


Soak the whole heads in warm water for about 20 minutes. They'll swell in size when introduced to water but won't become mushy. Once the fungi are reconstituted, they should be rinsed until the water is no longer brownish yellow but is running clear.