Confinement Sundries

Confinement Sundries

Yu Zhu

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Also known as: 玉竹, Solomon’s Seal

Net Weight: 100g/300g
Country of Origin: China

Direction: Rinse Solomon’s seal in cool water, then soak for 10 minutes. Despite its thin shape, Solomon’s seal requires rather long cook time (2+ hours)

Health Benefits:

  1. Rebuilds damaged cartilage & connecting tissue.

  2. Reduces inflammation and speeds healing of bruises, wounds and skin irritations.

  3. Hastens recovery from bone injuries (broken, stressed, osteoarthritis) and associated connective tissues, including arthritis.

  4. Produces synovial fluid to reduce grinding in joints.

  5. Tightens or loosens (as needed) tendons, ligaments, joints & attachments associated with repetitive stress, injury & inflammation.

  6. Soothes gastrointestinal inflammation and injuries.

  7. Loosens mucous in lungs.

  8. Regulates blood pressure.

  9. Treats and relieves women’s issues.