Confinement TCM Herbs

Confinement TCM Herbs

Bei Qi (北芪片)

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Also known as: 北芪,黄芪, Astragalus Roots, Huang Qi

Net Weight: 100g, 500g
Country of Origin: China

Direction: To be used as ingredients for cooking soups and tea.

Health Benefits:

  1. Acts as an Anti-Inflammatory
  2. Boosts the Immune System
  3. Protects the Cardiovascular System
  4. Regulates and Prevents Diabetes and Illnesses Related to Diabetes
  5. Contains Antioxidative and Anti-Aging Capabilities
  6. Aids in Wound Healing and Minimizes Scarring
  7. Treats Colds and Flu
  8. Provides Supplemental Therapy for Chronic Asthma