Confinement TCM Herbs

Confinement TCM Herbs

Dang Gui (small)

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Also known as: Chinese Angelica Roots, 当归, Angelica Sinensis 

Net Weight: 1 tael (37.5g)/ 3 taels (112.5g)

Size: 5cm – 7cm
Country of Origin: China

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Slicing of Angelica Sinensis will help in preparation, as the aroma and taste will be better and stronger.

Direction: Use for soups or teas.

Health Benefits:

  1. Strengthens Bones

  2. May Reduce Blood Sugar

  3. May Promote Heart Health

  4. Decreases Inflammation

  5. Alleviates Symptoms of Menopause

Do consult your physician before consuming any TCM, herbs or tonics.