Confinement TCM Herbs

Confinement TCM Herbs

30 Days Confinement Herbal Tea Package

  • $258.00

Country of Origin: Singapore

Our package includes 30 days confinement tea packets.

Mothers undergoing post-natal confinement procedure are advised to avoid drinking plain water. Confinement herbal drink acts as a substitute for plain water. It nourishes blood, replenishes energy and boost immunity system.

It has a sweet smell and taste, best served warm.


Longan meat, black dates, red dates, radix codonopsis, astragalus roots, wolfberries.


  1. Rinse herbs with water, separate wolfberries from the rest of the herbs.
  2. Fill a pot with 1.5 litres - 2 litres of water.
  3. Place herbs into pot.
  4. Bring the concoction to boil and simmer for 1 hour.
  5. 5 minutes before serving, empty the packet of wolfberries into the pot.
  6. Finally, serve while hot.

Store excess herbal drink in a keep warm flask to enjoy throughout the day.

Do not consume overnight herbal drink.

Delivery procedure

To ensure freshness of our herbs, we will only prepare your confinement package nearer to your EDD. We will contact you ~5 days before your stated EDD to arrange for the delivery date and time. In event that baby arrives earlier than expected, please contact us IMMEDIATELY upon admitting in the hospital so we can arrange the delivery for you. The number to call is 63363294. Please quote your name and EDD to allow us to locate your invoice.


Do note that all herbs have to be stored in the fridge upon receiving it. Shelf life of the herbs: Chiller compartment - not more than 3 months Freezer compartment - not more than 6 months