Confinement TCM Herbs

Confinement TCM Herbs

30 Days Confinement Herbal Soups Package

  • $288.00

Country of Origin: Singapore

Our package includes 30 days confinement soup packets, 2 packets of Sheng Hua Tang & 1 instruction booklet.

Our soup package will bring our new mother into three phases. Each phase has been specially formulated to work hand in hand with your body condition at each stage of confinement. Doing confinement is not just simply eating tonics, therefore it is important to follow our meals as indicated.

Phase one: HEAL

Phase one nourishes your body while cleanses your womb.

Phase two: ADJUST

Phase two focuses on adjusting your inner Qi and nourishes your Yin.


Phase three provides a boost of energy, strengthens your body while builds up your immunity system.

Detailed instruction on how to use the items will be given during time of delivery.


  1. Wash the herbs with tap water.

  2. Fill slow cooker with 3 rice bowls of hot water.

  3. Add in herbs and choice of meat into the slow cooker.

  4. Cook for 2 – 3 hours on high.

  5. Serve while warm.

Delivery procedure

To ensure freshness of our herbs, we will only prepare your confinement package nearer to your EDD. We will contact you ~5 days before your stated EDD to arrange for the delivery date and time. In event that baby arrives earlier than expected, please contact us IMMEDIATELY upon admitting in the hospital so we can arrange the delivery for you. The number to call is 63363294. Please quote your name and EDD to allow us to locate your invoice.


Do note that all herbs have to be stored in the fridge upon receiving it. Shelf life of the herbs: Chiller compartment - not more than 3 months Freezer compartment - not more than 6 months