Confinement Bath

Confinement Bath

30 Days Confinement Herbal Bath Package

  • $90.00

Country of Origin: Singapore

Consists of 3 boxes with 10 packets in each box. Each packet contains 2 sachets.

Lao Ban Niang's Confinement Herbal Bath is a traditional Chinese herbal bath that is packed with top quality herbs according to traditional formula. It helps to expel wind and dampness, prevent and relieve rheumatic condition.


Negundo Chastetree Fruit 63% Balsamiferou Blumea Herb 16% Ginger Powder 16% Peppermint 5%


  1. Bring to boil 2 sachets of herbal bath.
  2. Transfer the boiled water and sachets into a big pail.
  3. Add warm water from tap till lukewarm.
  4. For thorough cleaning, use a towel and dap it with the herbal bath water and wipe down.
  5. Rinse your whole body inclusive of hair with the herbal bath water.
  6. Optional to use shampoo and soap to wash again.
  7. Wipe dry your body and head and make sure to have minimum contact with air.