Confinement TCM Herbs

Confinement TCM Herbs

Korean Ginseng (whole piece)

  • $40.00

Also known as: 高丽参

Net Weight: 1 tael, 37.5g
Country of Origin: Korea

Do write in memo whether you would prefer items to be sliced.
Slicing of Korean ginseng will help in preparation, as the aroma and taste will be better and stronger.

Direction: Can be used to cook in soup, bird nest or boil with water for consumption. Can be consume orally.

Note: Korean Ginseng should not be given to infants, children and avoid taking during first trimester of pregnancy.

Health Benefits:

1) Helps in Reducing Stress

2) Prevents Flu and Cold

3) Boosts Energy

4) Helps in Maintaining a Healthy Heart

5) Relieves Insomnia

6) General Health Tonic

7) Potential to improve the sexual functions of both men and women