Chi Chi Choice Drip Chicken Essence

Chi Chi Choice Drip Chicken Essence

Chi Chi Choice Drip Chicken Essence

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Also known as: 滴鸡精

Net weight: 7 sachets x 60ml

Country of origin: Taiwan

Ingredients: Native Chickens only.

All natural drip chicken essence , with no preservatives/flavorings/fats nor cholesterol.

Made in Taiwan using our refined dripping method to ensure freshness and sweetness in our prime essence.

We recommend this to prenatal and postnatal mommies, especially those who are going through postpartum confinement and would like to improve lactation. Chi Chi Choice Chicken Essence is also good for those with weak immunity, often having cold hands and feet, and for those who are seeking to improve their health.

Maximum 2 packets consumption a day.

Directions: Soak sachet in hot water for 3 minutes before tearing open to consume.

Best to consume in the morning, on an empty stomach before meals.

For mothers who are lactating, recommended to consume at night after dinner.

Room temperature storage.