Instant Powder

Instant Powder

Greenmax Walnut Sesame Powder

  • $8.80

Also known as: 核桃黑芝麻粉

Net weight: 300g

Country of origin: Taiwan


Black sesame, glucose, wheat flour, sugar, guar gum, yam, brown rice, walnut, ginkgo, lyceum fruit powder (lyceum fruit concentrate, wheat flour).


  1. Take 30grams (about two tablespoons) of powder

  2. Add 200ml~300ml of 100 °C hot water

  3. Or ice milk or ice soybean milk 250ml ~ 300ml

  4. Stir evenly and drink!


Please store in dry and cool condition and protect it from direct sunlight or high temperature. After opening, please enjoy it ASAP to keep it fresh.

Allergen information:
Contains sesame.

The factory also produces cereals which contain gluten, sesame seed, soybean, nut, peanut corn and milk products.