Instant Powder

Instant Powder

Fresh Bean House Adlay Powder

  • $13.80

Also known as: 鲜豆屋红薏仁粉

Net weight: 600g

Country of origin: Taiwan

(no sugar added)

Product Features:

  • Low-temperature baking and grinding, and instantaneous steam sterilization.

  • Low-temperature crushing and molecule refining technology.

  • Whole course automatic vacuum filling and packing.

  • Manufacturing and production under strict quality control.


It will subject to individual’s flavour by infusing the adequate volume of Adlay (CoixLacryma-jobi) powder in cup with hot or warm water for an even blending. With milk, coffee, juice, soybean milk, condensed milk, honey or fructose added, it will present you an absolutely unique and excellent taste, either in hot or iced.


Adlay (CoixLacryma-jobi)


Please keep in a cool and dry place.

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