Dried Sundries and herbs

Dried Sundries and herbs

Dr Gram Rolled Oats

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Also known as: 有机燕麦

Net weight: 500g

Country of origin: Australia

Health Benefits

  1. Prevents cardiovascular disease

  2. Prevents Constipation

  3. Controls Blood Sugar Levels


Rolled oats cook faster than steel-cut oats, absorb more liquid, and hold their shape relatively well during cooking. In addition to be heated for a warm breakfast bowl, rolled oats are commonly used in granola bars, cookies, muffins, and other baked goods.

Instant oats can be used in place of rolled oats, although the cook time will be much less, and the final dish will not have as much texture.

Storage: Store in cool, dry place. Refrigerate for freshness.

Direction: No cooking required. Add to beverage and serve.