Canned Abalone: Every Gram Counts

With the recent enforcement of the labelling requirement of The Sales Of Food Act by AVA, all canned products should have labels reflecting the true nature of the content in the can. What does this mean for the consumers? It simply means more transparency and the assurance that you will not be misinformed by the acts of unethical vendors. When it comes to purchasing canned abalone, there are two key terms you need to be familiar with.

Food packed in a liquid medium will be required to have both “net weight” and “drained weight” declared.

Source: AVA "A Guide to Food Labelling and Advertisements" Oct 2013

Net weight refers to the total weight of the canned abalone, which normally weighs up to 450 grams, more or less. What we are interested in is the drained weight. This depicts a clearer picture of the quantity of abalone meat you are purchasing. Abalone from Australia has drained weight ranging from 120 to 213 grams, while Mexico abalone can weigh as much as 255 grams. On the other hand, New Zealand's abalones are usually on the smaller side - 120 - 150 grams.

So to determine if an abalone promotion is really worth it, check out their drained weight. It may very well be telling you a whole new different story.

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